Port Reshaping

Hey i was to reshape the ports on my stock cylinder just as a side project, does anyone now of a good book that could help? I have already seen Smitty's Guide and it didnt help me.

Re: Port Reshaping

On the performance tuning page of the wiki the very first thing is required reading below it are two links. This is what you are looking for. But it won't give you a simple answer. Its kinda like 2-stroke theory most of it focused on motorcycle racing. but its ALL there, More crazy math formulas than you can shake a stick at.

Re: Port Reshaping

Math is your friend get used to it. The whole idea of two stroke theory is harmonics, math is your ultimate ally, if you don't like that, leave it stock

Re: Port Reshaping

The first thing to know about porting is not to pay any attention to Smitty.

Then get a dremel....and have fun! Go too far and your rings will get caught and snap.

great success!


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Re: Port Reshaping

dont forget to chamfer the edges of everything u ported

Re: Port Reshaping

Jason Jason Bobason /

"Two Stroke Performance Tuning" by A. Graham Bell. Everything you ever wanted to know (and then some).

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