Puch Maxi 77 Airsal 70cc Install First Kit

Hey all, im about80% of the way done with my kit from airsal 70cc. I just had 1 question before i start her up for the first time. Well 2 questions.

1. My kit didnt come with a head, so can i use my e50 50cc head for now? The kit was 100 bucks shipped so i am more than happy. Not to mention it arrived at my house in just over 48 hours after paypal payment.

2. Are the holes in a piston , vent type holes it looks like, supposed to be up towards the intake, or down towards the exhaust port? I looked it up but could only find one article and i think it said towards intake. I have an 82 main jet in there now and gonnna see what we can do.

Plz helps, thx much .

Puch Maxi 77 Airsal 70cc Install First Kit

Yea, you can use the 50cc head. You can prolly find that if you search. As for the other question, I don't know.

Re: Puch Maxi 77 Airsal 70cc Install First Kit

holes up towards intake

Re: Puch Maxi 77 Airsal 70cc Install First Kit

Nice, thats what i thought and im almost positive i put it up hehe. Pretty positive, but i'm taking whole thing apart to look at tommorow anyhow.

I tested it out, i ran it around for like 20 miles and then i opend throttle about 75to 80% down a little stretch in my neighborhood like 2 blocks is longest i can get withouth stop sign, and i hit 37 with 14x45 gearing, and it wasnt wot. Cant wait till kit is broken in and i can go WOT.

However i cant get my bike to idle, it dies on me when i stop. I noticed that when i pull the throttle however, there is nothing at all til bout almsot 1/4 of way on, then it just comes on enough to keep bike alive. I havent messeds with idle throttle cable much or mixture screw . I have a Dellorto 16.16 running a 74 jet in there now, any ideas? I got 78,80, and 84 jets ready to go too. Any suggestions why i can't get an idle. Would like to solve that problem first before i start to tune it in.

man crazy fast compared to 2 weeks ago when i got this thing and had trouble breaking 21mph lol.

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