tuning an oko

is it similar to tuning a phbg?

or easier or tougher?

im poor so benji is getting my money

Re: tuning an oko


Re: tuning an oko

Same set of jets and adjustments as an PHBG. Only main difference is the power-jet on the OKO. It was suggested to me to block off the power-jet until you have they jetting correct and them reconnect the power-jet

It adds fuel through your midrange and then stops adding fuel at a certain rpm.

Re: tuning an oko

How does the carb "know" what rpm the engine is running? Is it more based on the opening of the slide/butterfly (never held an oko)

The "power jet" sure sounds cool anyway. Seems like some random sticker you'd see on a chinese scooter or something though. lol.

Re: tuning an oko

k thanks... so if i need to know anything just look off the wiki about phbg?

Re: tuning an oko

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

wait i thought the power jet added fuel at WOT to richen up top end. at least thats what some keihins do

Re: tuning an oko

are there ways to tune the power jet?

so i can run the jets i have ordered and not be lean if i run a smaller mainjet... would love to be able to run it asap... i plan to get an intake made and everything tuned before sunday for the lancaster rally

Re: tuning an oko

Bump, also curious about OKO carbs.

Re: tuning an oko

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

the power jet is only available on the 24mm. you'll find after running them on non-reed block kits they spit back a lot of fuel back onto your air filter causing you to clean it quite frequently. other than that they are an awesome cheap alternative.

Re: tuning an oko

ok lol i see where it goes in the body of it...

i am hooking mine up tomorrow i think.... i hope... i pray, with a 4 petal

Re: tuning an oko

lets get some more tips, im considering an oko for my next build and would like to hear what you all think.

first of all

oko vs. mikuni? better, worse, why?


21phbg vs 24 oko.

how much of a bottom end and top end difference?

how much does it kill your mpg? drastically or minor?

Re: tuning an oko


Re: tuning an oko

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

mikuni is flat or round slide, oko is a keihn knockoff with the flat/round slide combo.

oko would have better response than a dellorto, and i dunno ive seen alot of keihns on big dirtbikes, oko is a keihn knockoff, so oko?

Re: tuning an oko

yup oko, keihin, and koso's are all the same, and uses the same jets...

air/fuel mixture screw on an oko is opposite of PHBG's

turning the screw in = richen

turning out = lean

<a href="http://scootrs.com/tech.cfm?tip=tunecarb">here's some info on tuning these carbs</a>

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