gear theory / gear ratios

So can we talk about gear ratios. I did some search, looked at the two stroke tuners handbook. No real discussion of gearing. So hear is what I am thinking, ratio of rear teeth/front teeth gives you a number. As that number decreases your top speed will increase proportionately and your torque will decrease proportionally. So smaller rear sprocket or larger front = faster top speed with less get up and go. Does that sound right? Am I thinking about this correctly?

So I have also heard various things about the benefits of making the rear sprocket bigger/smaller versus making the front sprocket bigger/smaller. Does it matter how the ratio is adjusted (front or rear) or is the effect only mediated by the ratio change?

Essentially my thought is to take a za50 set up running 18x40 to 20x36. With the aim of increasing top speed, not too worried with torque as it is a two speed and pretty peppy.

Re: gear theory / gear ratios

doesn't matter what gear goes where. 2:3 is 2:3 even if it's 4:6

Re: gear theory / gear ratios

make sense?

Re: gear theory / gear ratios

or i'm running an 11x30 that's pretty close to someone else running a 15x40

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20x36 would go fast, eventually if not kitted.

I like 16x36 on my e50. With a n8p it can get up to 65ish, with a proma circuit it will do around 50 with tons of torque.

Re: gear theory / gear ratios

There is no way you are going 65 on 16 x 36. Your rpms would be through the dang roof, wouldn't they? Like, impossibly high.

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i dont no... 16 36 on my buddies polinied up puch

keeps up with me untill like 60 then i start pulling away..

i have 18 40 gearing. and im about to throw a 36 on tyhe back

but i hear 1 tooth in the rear is like 3 in the front.

Re: gear theory / gear ratios

Cool cool, sounds like I had the right idea. Theres a thread about gearing a batavus I think on this forum and they were saying weird stuff like the rear gear being a "torque multiplier" etc. I think it just comes down to the ratio.

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