Polini 65 carb options?


can anyone tell me what other carb options are available for the polini 65 kit other than the bing 15, are any other fannymoulds available for this kit that would take a dell 19 or 21? or do i have to fabricate one?


Re: Polini 65 carb options?

dude, just get a pghbhgbhg and get a rubber hose and attach it on, easy.

Re: Polini 65 carb options?

You need to get a Malossi or Polini 4 petal reed cage for Pugeot or MBK engines, they are the same bolt pattern. You have to trim some fins on the cylinder and the head, but you can fit a clamp on style PHBG onto them, or use a hose with a spigot style. I personally don't like anything bigger than 19mm, but others swear by 21mm.

Re: Polini 65 carb options?

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Just gotta trim the fins on the front of the cylinder. no need to mess with the head.

I'm not sure if the 19 or 21 is better. I've run both and both are rad. I've been running the 19 lately and its fast, so maybe get a 19. Smaller is supposed to be easier to tune or something.

Re: Polini 65 carb options?

weird. i thought it was 64 cc.

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