PHBG throttle cable question

I am getting my bike (1985 Maxi) all back together and just took off the Bing to put the PHBG on and am finding out that the throttle cable is not going to work. Its kind of like I need more cable casing. There are no cable adjustments (aside from the top of the carb). The cable has the small knarps on both ends. Im going to go back out and see if I can figure something out...but has anyone run into this situation, and if so what did you do?

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

There's an infinite amount of ways you can rig this up to work...

you could modify your old bing 'elbow' which might work, or you can just do what I did, which is kind of shoddy but has held up for hundreds of miles with no problem...

I took some wire, and after pulling the cable out a bit I wrapped the wire TIGHTLY around the cable a whole bunch of turns and then electrical taped it. You have to play around a bit to get the length right cause you want it to be fully closed and have ~1mm of free play in the throttle, but then it also has to get tight enough to open far enough...

If you don't want to rig something up, I think 1977 sells a long pull throttle assembly that would work for a more permanent solution...

I've also heard of people using cable stops or even soldering a clump of solder onto the cable as a stop... which I'm kinda leary of.

Anyway hope this helped... Somebody else will probably have a better solution but that worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEACE good luck

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

sweet! just got it running and am pretty pumped, but its not really working out to just pull on the little cable end for throttle and tuning. Im probably going to swing by my local motorcycle shop tomorrow and see if they have any throttle assemblies that will work.

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

any throttle assembly will work. Its pretty generic....just make sure it uses cables like yours.

I personally have one designed for a ATV on mine.

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

no, please dont buy anything like that.

go to the bike shop or walmart, and get a mountainbike derailleur cable, they are $2. they have 1 little end that goes into the carb slide, and the other end has none.

in the throttle itself you need a super tiny litle knarp to fit inside the magura control. stores like Quarterkick actually sell this item. your hardware store, or autozone (in the Help! section), sells little knarps and you can grind them down to fit into the throttle. use your noodle!

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

for the time being I fit the bing cable guide on the works great but it doesn't open the carb all the way. I guess this would be an issue with the stock throttle.

Re: PHBG throttle cable question

peter i want to use your noodle

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