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hey, i have an 82 vespa grande and i want to have more power, particulaly on the lower end. does anyone know how i can do this just with home mods, and removing crap? i don't wanna buy anything.

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lulz im not a vespa guy but if i could get free power i'd be so happy

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In my experience, if you place a 'Type R' sticker on your vehicle, it makes it a lot faster.

Don't get the one from Wal Mart though...make sure you pay out your ass for it and order it from Japan!

Just kidding...but seriously, there's not a lot of free mods to be done.

Generally speaking, you can remove the stock air box and make a new sort of velocity stack shaped tube facing the air, with pantyhose over it for a filter. You would then need to upjet your carb though, so that's spending money on jets.

Chances are that Vespas are restricted, so you might want to research and see if there is anything you can remove. Look in the intake manifold for restrictions (It would be obvious in the form of the intake being...well, restricted!)

To spend no money would be hard unless you already have a welder in the case of exhaust derestriction, or a cutting/boring tool in the form of a dremel or something like that for derestricting intake parts...unless it's just a plastic piece, which isn't too likely.

If it's a new Vespa, it likely also has restrictions on the CDI ignition. That would require you to reprogram it. I have no idea how you would go about doing that without spending money or buying a new CDI outright.

Good luck!

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some of the greatest gains on a vespa are gotten for free from the case work. you can de-restrict the exhaust and air filter, shave the head for compression, bore the carb and intake out to 13mm, cut the crank to advance and prolong intake timing, open up the transfer ports, and up-jet accordingly. look here and do some searches in the performance forum for details:

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i totally forgot about the variator, easiest mod for more low-and power is to lighten the variator weights, you can even just remove a couple. this will keep the cvt in a lower ratio at higher rpms.

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duck down to acheive maximum speed

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My favorite low cast mod is playing cards in the spokes. Make a cool sound and scares off anybody worried about interaction with the mentally imbalanced.

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So it must work?

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roadent$ craig /

lose a ton of weight!

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find a big ass hill

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find a JATO rocket

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De-restrict the variator for free. Pound the brass bushing in, and grind or file the rest off.

The tighter the belt, the lower it rides in the back pulley, little higher top speed.

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you - 10lbs = 1 mph

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There is no such thing as free. It's either going to cost time, or it's going to cost money.

If your willing to spend the time, you can do things like macelius said above.

If you just want to slap a few parts on and go faster, then look into buying stuff.

The best performance per dollar is always a good performance exhaust pipe.

You can also get a high compression head, and lower your gear ratio.

You can also also get a larger cylinder kit.

Yeah... that stuff costs money. But if you compare working for a week at McDonalds and making $150... compared to spending a month or two doing research on how to do stuff yourself and not mess it up... sometimes McDonalds wins.

As for me, I love working on my bike, and I've already put in the huge time investment that it took to learn all about the engine. I have no regrets.

You just have to decide how much your time is worth, and which is more important. Because no matter what you do, your either going to spend money, or your going to spend time.

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Grande Deluxe /

ok free as in money. im good with time

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vespas are easy to get more speed out of for free.

drill out the carb, remove any head gaskets, port the cylinder, port the crankcase, cut the crankshaft... tons of info out there.

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sunshine and farts.

Yeah boring the carb helps too.

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