tail light options

Figured this should go in the performance section and not repair...

Who has done "custom" tail light fixtures/brackets? I need some ideas. I want to ditch the big, clunky assembly that came on this Tomos I've got, so I'm looking for smaller, single-bulb lights. Recommendations? Links?


Re: tail light options

LED truck marker light...

Most truckstops/auto parts stores have them.

They are 12v, but I run one just fine on 6v, and it is quite bright.

They are like 1.5" x 4-5".

Re: tail light options

oh, great idea. i'll keep that in mind if my current plan doesn't work.

Re: tail light options

got a picture david?

Re: tail light options

Cory (mrdr 133) /

u use a tap light. i painted the bezel red. and i'm very serious and not joking at all...lol it's on my maxi, which is hard wired

Re: tail light options

Re: tail light options

Sounds delicious.

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