ZA50 Polini Pipe Questions

Heres my setup: ZA50, polini, custom 18mm intake, 18 dellorto, 6P, 18x36 gearing.

I started out with a simonini, then moved to the 6p on this bike and it blasts (GPSd at 55), takes off alright, and mid range is ok. Is this just the nature of the pipe? Last night I moved my gearing to 16x36 and I now hit my powerband sooner (around 35 instead of 40) but Im sure I lost some top end. Keep in mind Im in Chicago and most of the blasting is from light to light. I have little response in the low/mid once it shifts. Should I scrap the top end pipe and go with a pipe that has a lower powerband like a Boss or Estoril? What do you guys think?

Re: ZA50 Polini Pipe Questions

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

get a 4 petal and you will rip off the line. 16x36 is pretty tall gearing, and has the capability to get a polini up to 65.

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A 4 petal intake will give you a lot more acceleration.

Re: ZA50 Polini Pipe Questions

Although I have a race crank, I was trying to relieve some of the low end stress but, I might have to go the 4 petal route regardless.

Re: ZA50 Polini Pipe Questions

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

4 petal dude. or put in a new piston ring!! i did that to my polini kit to bring her back to life.

miss you robby!!! wish you were back in sf!!!

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