Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

Who else is running one of the Malossi (DUcati) CDI units, for motobecanes, that treats was selling?

Im wondering about setting the timing, I can't make heads or tails of the translations I get online. (French or Italian)

There is a mark on the fly wheel and a mark on the plate, where should my piston be in degrees or mm or hell even inches, in relation to these marks.

any help thanx, i'll buy you a forty if I see you at a rally...


Re: Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

isnt the flywheel and your crank keyed?

Re: Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

if its not, then i'm pretty sure that the piston should be at TDC when the mark on the flywheel lines up with the mark on the plate.

Re: Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

nope.. set the piston to around 1.5mm to 2.0mm before TDC and slip the flywheel on with the mark on the backing plate and the flywheel lined up. You can also use the key if there is one available.


Re: Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

whoops. thanks naz.

Re: Motobecane Malossi CDI Timing?

ya or put the piston at TDC and place the magneto on so the mark on it is like 1cm after the mark on the stator.

or yeah as naz said, just make sure the 2 lines meet at like 1.5 or 2mm before TDC, when the lines meet ur spark fires, so think of it like that.

its best to use a timing light with these to really know.

also the instructions are rather clear in the graph section showing the performance of the unit overall, cool ya!

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