24 or 22T rear sprocket?

Hey, I'm getting a Technigas exhaust, 58 jet, but was wondering if ya'll would recommend a 22 or 24T rear sprocket. I am 240lbs. and ride a '07 Streetmate. I have VERY mild incline hills and many stoplights, although the speed limit in my city is 35 mph. I need to be able to accelerate with traffic and keep up with traffic and do at least 35 mph. Please let me know what ya'll think. TKS, Timm.

Re: 24 or 22T rear sprocket?

well with a streetmate you can get a 24 but with a 22 the acceleration would be real bad and im not sure if it would bolt right on you might have to use spacers but im not sure

Re: 24 or 22T rear sprocket?

TKS, I'm inclined towards the 24T.

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