Hi all. I new to the world of mopeds but ive been wanting one since I first busted onto the scene in 1988 on my Power Wheels 3 wheeler. I remember the first time I saw a junked out one my dad had in teh back and I was like " WOW WHAT IS THAT!?!" My mom would never buy me one cause she couldnt afford it, spend the time to help me fix it, and the one time she could afford it, she didnt let me get one cause she thought they were dangerous.

Anyhow I got a Puch Maxi 1.5 HP 1977. I am having trouble going up hills and getting past 24 mph. I'm leaning how to work on 2 strokes and even how they work but im a wondering ----

I want to start off my upgrades with an exhaust, cause mine looks dirty inside and I like the way they look. If I get an exhaust kit off the net like 1977mopeds.com , do i need to buy anything else. Anything manditory? i know other stuff to compliment it would help me get the best boost outta it, but if thats all i want for this week at least till i learn more about the motors, do i absolutelly need anything else othr than the exhaust to get it to work correctly ?

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Oh yah glad to see there is such a cool community and following of such a FUN vehicle. Nice to meet you all, here from Denver , Colorado.

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all you need is a couple bigger jets to make a performance pipe work correctly. you also might want to derestrict the air box or rig something up like a rubber hose with panty hose on the end!! I think the best inexpensive pipe to add some more torque on a stock bike is the proma gp. go to ebay and search under seller for treatshq. he has some of the best prices and quickest shipping you will find. boss pipe is cool too!! for cheapies!! also check your intake, some of the 1.5 models have plastic in them to restrict the flow!!

Re: Exhaust

Nice thx for the quick reply. Could you explain to me a little on jets? I saw them for cheap on 1977mopeds.com -- I beleive i have a stock carb, once i get my cam i will take pics. Are jets universal or do i have to get a certain Puch Maxi jet?

Re: Exhaust

Just sent you an e-mail.

Short answer is maybe, you may need to up-jet; but if you're running rich now you may not need to.

What carb/intake are you running? What gearing?

I highly recommend the Proma GP.

Re: Exhaust

You don't need a specific Puch Maxi for your jetting and performance pipe needs -- he's one of the cheapest on the web, and he ships fast enough to blow your mind.

The basic concept with the jet and upjetting is that when you add a performance exhaust, you're improving/increasing the air flow through your carb and engine. Since you've got more air, you need a bigger jet (jet controls fuel flow) to match the increased air. That's probably not a technically perfect description, but I think it's good enough.

The Denver guys have found you, so you really probably don't need any more help than that, but if you want to look into carb cleaning/rejetting on your own, there are some videos linked at the bottom of this page that should help. The performance tuning page and Fred's Guide are also great resources.

Welcome, and good luck!

Re: Exhaust

Thx very much Derek and Linda! Wow this forum is seems to be very active, thats fantastic. Thx much for the link to fred's guide, that thing is awsome, gonna print it up in just a min and take advantage of free paper and ink from work hehe. I will be giving you a call today Derek. Gonna have some free time to work on the Puch today and I think a carb cleaning is in order hehe.

Re: Exhaust

Wow, well I went to clean my carberator and to my suprise it looked nothing like a Bing Carb that was on the videos or on the net when i looked it up. I'm not sure if a bing carb is a certain style of carb or a brand lol, so i may infact have a bing carb, but upon pulling the carb off i noticed it was very clean which made me sad because i was hoping that's why my moped was sucking. To my suprise i read Delltorto on it or however u spell it and 16.16--- Hmmmmm, isnt this a pretty good carb? and how would i adjust it? Now im really confused lol.

Oh yah i tried callin yah derik but i guess we playing phone tag cause i saw that you tried to call me maybe at same time. I will try here in a bit bro, hopefully thats allright with you

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good news! sounds like the carb has already been upgraded to a dellorto SHA 16.16. It may just not have been jetted properly, probably rich and begging for an expansion chamber exhasut :) You want the dellorto SHA jets from here http://www.dellortodirect.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12_14, or treats has them too.


Re: Exhaust

Actually, it may be more confusing for you now, but that is good news. A lot of people prefer the Dellortos to Bings, and the 16.16 is significantly bigger than the good ol' 12mm Bing. There isn't an exact equivalent to the Bing videos for a Dellorto, but the best stuff you can probably watch is all linked here. The three videos under "Dellorto" are all on a Tomos, but I would think they would be applicable to a Dellorto on a Puch. Also, if you scroll down to the bottom under "other," there's a thing from wired magazine that has an article about taking apart Dellortos (or so I've been told ... my computer refused to load it). It might not be the exact same model you've got, but it might help.

And this ... http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Dellorto

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