62cc malossi kit

i was looking into getting that kit and a 16mm intake and SHA del carb. if i were to get that and a compression head would i get the 50cc one or the 70cc one? also im looking into buying 360mm shocks does anyone no if they will fit on a 1978 maxiluxe?

Re: 62cc malossi kit

the 360 shocks wont work. Magnums are 350 so they would be hugely long.

I dont know about your head issue, but id prob but that a 50cc would be fine, as its milled flat, and the 62 cant be that big of a bore.

Id take someone elses advice on that.

Re: 62cc malossi kit

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

either head is fine. just go 50cc head.

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