50v Shorty Intake

I have a 79 50v which has "B" in the speed field of my vin tag. I have a shorty intake. I measured the I.D. with calipers and got 11mm. Is the "shorty intake from Handy's" I have read about a larger inside diameter? I am looking to do the Dellorto 15.15 swap on this (otherwise completely stock and stunningly original) Moby and want to make sure I get the most as I think this is probably the only mod I will make.

Re: 50v Shorty Intake

Howdy there

I have the same B engine. I got the shorty intake from Treats and it should have a 15mm I.D.

Great mod, although you will see limited gains with the 25mph cylinder (I can go about 30 on flats). See if you can locate a 30mph cylinder for more fun.

Any other questions about that bike feel free to email me I have been dedicating my recent life to my Moby.

Re: 50v Shorty Intake

fuck trying to find a 30 mph cylinder. PORTING BITCHES!!!!

get a dremel and carve that shit up like a christmas turkey!

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get the intake from treats or qk, and this is as close to bolt on as it gets. make sure you get a jet somewhere between 56-62, as the 68 that comes with it is way too big.

only other thing you may have to do is modify the throttle assy... the stock carb is 12mm so the throttle assy is only meant to pull 12mm of cable. you'll have to take the throttle tube off and dremel out the guide another 3mm or so. very intuitive, once you take it all apart and examine it to see how it all works it becomes very clear what needs to be done. this isnt a definite, ive had some moby throttle assys that are good to go from the start.

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Yeah, I saw that wiki article. My cable seems to pull the 10mm killer Gurtner throttle barrel way up into the body... I'll have to go measure the travel on that.

Porting... I don't want to violate my 750 mile original cylinder just yet ;)

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Who cares if it is low mileage, it doesn't matter to a two stroke as long as the cylinder walls are smooth. Port that fucker and get some top end. Bolting up the 15mm intake to a stock cylinder will do nothing for you unless you match the cylinder to the larger intake size.

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What Davey said -


I just dug out my old stock cylinder and can't wait to score a beat up Moby, port the engine, and then the cylinder! The map looks real easy. I'm all over this.

Kit? What kit?

Port and pipe!

Re: 50v Shorty Intake

port and pipe 50mph on a av7!


Re: 50v Shorty Intake

Porting will take you a long way with the 25 mph cylinder, I was doing 37 ish on flats with an ok port job, a decked head and a 15.15 with treats shorty intake. If you want some info on it, please email me.

A better porting job would have certainly taken me a bit faster.

I just got a 30mph cylinder, and it is definately faster. I can do 35 no problem with no porting, no decked head. With 15.15 and shorty treats intake. Porting should make it lots of fun!


Re: 50v Shorty Intake

if you dont want to fuck up the original cylinder, buy another one and practice on that. putting a 15SHA carb on an otherwise stock 25mph bike will not make you any faster.

you can also pull a baffle out of that muffler i believe.

Re: 50v Shorty Intake

You are so goddamned annoying.

Re: 50v Shorty Intake

honestly i think the 14:12 carb runs better in all throttle positions if ur gonna stick with that as ur only upgrade, even on a slightly ported cylinder.

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