help me pick a kit!

hey, another modding noob here....i'm trying to figure out what kit i should start saving up for.

i've got a puch maxi running a 15 mil bing and biturbo.

ike the other guy, i'd prefer reliability over extreme speed, but speed is always nice! (: I don't have a lot of time to spend tuning, so i'm willing to sacrifice a little speed for user-friendliness.

i don't have any experience case matching, either.

my goal is a top speed of 40. is that acheivable within these constraints? i've looked at the spreadsheet, but it doesn't say much about ease of use for beginners of the setups listed there....what do you guys think?

Re: help me pick a kit!

BootyClap Ninja /

Re: help me pick a kit!

sorry, i just wasn't sure if the slight differences in my setup and his (14.5mm vs 15mm carb and boss vs. biturbo pipes) would make a difference.)

if they don't really, i'll just refer to that thread.

Re: help me pick a kit!

Gunther McCilicutty /

I drilled my carb to 14.3mm (9/16 bit) then honed it out to 14.5mm.

Should not make a difference. I have a biturbo as well, but I am swopping it out for the Boss

Re: help me pick a kit!

A well tuned stock e50 with pipe and carb upgrades can easily do 40 mph. Save yourself some money and work with what you already have.

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