ZA50 gearing/clutch question~!

first a story than a question.

My issue is, My second speed gear is engaging to early.

i am running a 15 bing/15 turbo and 70cc tccd kit

so at first i was running a 45t sprocket on the rear,which was on a wheel i snagged from a single speed bike. the second speed gear would engage around 5-7 mph. and i was topping out around 30.

so i recently tried a 32 t sprocket and it was a little better if not the same.

i hear they made restricted bottom ends for 1hp.

so my question is this : what can i do to delay my second speed gear from engaging?

my buddy had a kitted za50 that the 2nd speed clutch would engage at 30mph.

also for the record, i am looking to purchase a 32,34,or 36 t

sprocket for grimeca snowflake mag.

thanks for reading.

Re: ZA50 gearing/clutch question~!

Your biggest issue right now is your gearing, stock ZA gearing is 18-40 most people run a 36 rear. You should really conceder finding a set of spoked wheels to open up your sprocket options a bit more. You can fit a 20 front onto the za with a little case grinding, there will be a store with them in stock before too long.

The 1hp and 1.5hp motors had a weaker spring on the second gear clutch to allow exactly what you are experiencing. Best way to correct the issue is to find a clutch from a 2hp za motor and swap it out. Other option is to run a thicker gear oil instead of transmission fluid, it's higher viscosity will allow both 1st and 2nd gear to slip to a higher rpm.

Also both me and Alan from Sac have found that if your bike is hitting the powerband (and is putting out enough power when it dose hit said powerband) 2nd gear just slips until you let off the throttle.

Re: ZA50 gearing/clutch question~!

here's what you can do, view attach....also like paz said find those 2hp springs and clip a few links off...


Re: ZA50 gearing/clutch question~!

Tyler Jacobson /

how did you get the clutch apart to drill it? how careful did u have to be to drill the same holes on each? anyone try treats adjustable performance za50 clutches? i dont se how you can adjust them without other springs. i am shifting earlier than i would like too. i took video but havent been able to upload yet. seems to me around 10mph maybe 15 i have no speedo.

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