race cluch

has anyone used this how will it work without a woodruff key

Puch 3 shoe adjustable performance race clutch for all E50 engines. These clutches do not require use of the woodruff key. they come untapped, so do not forget to use an M6 tap to thread the holes so you can remove it to tune it perfecto.

lightest 3 shoe available, common to upgrade the springs to stiffies

Re: race cluch

The woodruf key doesn't actually keep the clutch from spinning when installed, the taper of the crankshaft does.

Re: race cluch

i got it and did not wont to put it on but i am going to to night

Re: race cluch

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

Its in the bag dude. forget about the key, old tech.

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