Athena 60cc?

Hey folks

I've got this 60cc Athena kit that I'm thinking about putting on my currently otherwise-stock Puch. What's the skinny on this kit? Fast? Reliable? Seizes if you look at it wrong, provided the stars are properly aligned?

How does it compare with the Malossi 62cc? According to Treats, the malossi is very reliable, and doesn't require any port- or case-matching. Pretty sweet for me, considering I'm still pretty new to these bikes. Should I sell my Athena and pick up a Malossi? I wouldn't really mind spending a few extra bucks for a better quality kit.

Also, how would my athena play with the dellorto 16mm "malossi party pack" carb package that Treats has now?

Finally, what expansion chamber should I buy if I kit my bike? I'd probably want mostly mid-range power, but not at the expense of my low-end. The bike will pull me (I'm light) up a hill at 30 mph, but is slow getting there. Again, quality is important to me. Thanks!

Re: Athena 60cc?

athena is by far the best kit i have ever run. (running the 70cc, have run the 60cc before as well)

clean kit, doesn't require any port matching is always a must...unless for some reason the case transfer ports are the same as the stock...shouldn't be.


Re: Athena 60cc?

i have the reed valve 70 kit

my friend has the 60cc piston port kit

cant complain about either. solid kits.

some might say the reed valve athenas could eat up polini kits. but thats yet to be seen.

Re: Athena 60cc?

Sweet, so it's a pretty solid kit performance wise. How's it as far as quality and reliability go? What kind of carburetor hardware should I buy? Exhaust? Reliability > extreme performance... I'm looking to smoke the stock bikes, not the polini dudes :)

Re: Athena 60cc?

get the malossi 16mm carb party pack and your good to hit 40-45

Re: Athena 60cc?

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

super solid kit. I rode my friend's bike with one, 14mm bing and with a 6p it eventually got up to about 45. I'd probably run a 15mm bing and intake with it, and probably an estoril or boss, but I hate the boss so I'd run the estoril. Its costs a tad more, but it offers better low end, and for a small kit, still very good top end power. Paint it though prior to installation because the get gross quick.

Re: Athena 60cc?

What about those Proma GPs? People say they're pretty good for mid- and lower-range torque. Look better made than the Estoril too, though as you say, you can always paint that thing. What would the powerband with a GP on my Athena look like? Also, what would the tradeoffs be with running a 15mm SHA vs. a 15mm Bing? Thanks!

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