gilardoni setting,carbs ect

hello to all of you tuning fans.

I would like to tuned my puch with gilardoni 75 cc kit...I already have it at home but I need some advises on wich type of carburetor to use (keihin, mikuni).....

wich exhaust to use, wich intake for let say 24 mm mikuni ( is minarelli vertical ok for keihin or mikuni 24 mm carb?), and so on

So if any of you can give me some tips please send me email on OR reply to this topic thanx alot

thanx for your time best regards Jure

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

Make the search function your friend

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

there is just to much posts to search

I just want to know where to find intake for mikuni tm 24 that fits on gilardoni 75 cc ?

My kit has a black metrakit head but If anyone knows where to buy silver gilardoni head please tell me? thanx

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

Gilardoni heads are out of production. You might get lucky and find a NOS or 2nd hand one, but the metra head should work.

You will probably need to make an intake yourself.

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

i went with the 21mm deloreto and doppler intake works great for me with the dmp pipe .

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

Tyler Jacobson /

1 inch bend conduit pipe it an almost perfect match for the 24. i just welded a little something up.

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

cocoloco what is the top speed and power with your setting?

do you have a standard magnet? thanx

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

a minarelli vertical intake will work great and is almost an exact match for the 24mm mikuni... i use a parmakit version and it came with a coupler

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

with 16/40 gears i can out run cars on the highway 55mph . i dont have gps so top speed i dunno but i am sure if i went 18/40 it would go even faster but its too fast for me as it is. heck i dont even go over 60mph in my car most the time.

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

wich mikuni 24mm should I buy?

is mikuni tm 24 the right choice? thanx

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

yeah the tm24 is the right version you should buy and is what others have used with great success.

Its the flatside version which creates better throttle response due to the improved airflow throughout the carb.

Theres a couple options for intakes.

It is certain that intakes that are designed to fit Minarelli Scooter Engines will fit the gila kit.

Also, treatshq use to sell a 24mm intake (he does the 21 also) that comes with a nice rubber coupling and two hose clamps for ease of installation. This is the route I took.

Also, if you can weld. Its very easy to make something of your own. Use the intake that came with the kit as a base for your fabbed one and then get some metal piping for the store with the right bend to weld on there. Should be fairly straight forward and the route I WOULD HAVE done for a completely custom and flush look for my ped if I had a welder handy.

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

a 12 bing would be fine, as well as stock exhaust....

Re: gilardoni setting,carbs ect

can you please tell me what is the proper tehnique for screwing the magnet beacuse I do not want to use the long spark plug beacuse I am affraid that I will damage piston or conrod beacuse I have a PVL magnet and I have to tighten it alot thanx

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