I want to make my 75 Mobylette AV50 go faster ..

I know this probably gets asked a shit tonne.. but I'm new to this, and using the search option didn't turn up much for me.

Currently my bike is doing in and around 30-35, all stock.

I'd like to be getting more if possible.

What can I do to improve my speed?

Parts, mods, etc?

Links are appreciated. So are how-to guides.


Re: I want to make my 75 Mobylette AV50 go faster

First off, FYI unless you have a ped unbeknownst to me, You quite possibly have mixed up the motors/bikes. Most common in the US is the model 50v with an AV7 motor. Some people have the more powerful AV10 motor as a result of transplantation.

To improve top speed you can do portwork to the motor (search it) but as a new guy I wouldn't reccomend it. you can get an aftermarket pipe (which would require tuning your bike to accept it) that would probably give you more top speed. other things like a better carburator than that stock gutner would be good. there is a guy on here that got a stockish moby to break 50. hope he speaks up. When you are ready, the best thing you can do is upgrade to the AV10 setup, because not only the added power, It also opens the door to more options such as cylinder kits and such. New larger Av7 cylinders have been hard to find for a while now.

Re: I want to make my 75 Mobylette AV50 go faster

Yeah I did get a stockish moby past 50mph.

search for "a poor mans fast moby"

or anything from elliot.

the porting specs. on the wiki are a great place to start.


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