suggestions: puch kit for 21mm carb?

i just bought a 21mm dellorto phbg carb (spigot, not clamp on), which i was going to throw on my sachs g3 with an 80cc kit. i might be getting a puch, however, and if i do, i think i'm gonna spend my money on it instead of the g3.


1. would the 21mm carb work with the 64cc polini, or would it be way too overkill?

2a. would it work better with a larger kit, 72cc or below (to avoid boring shit out)?

2b. the 64cc polini is an fast kit, but how does it compare to larger kits under 72cc?

2c. any suggestions for kits under 72cc?

3. are there any 72cc+ puch kits that don't require too much hassle to bolt in that might work better with a 21mm carb?

Re: suggestions: puch kit for 21mm carb?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

1. yes

2a. yes

2b. pretty decent.

2c. any kit you want? metra if you can find it

3. nope.

Re: suggestions: puch kit for 21mm carb?

does anyone make an intake that sticks out the side that u can use with a phbg with a 2 speed

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