whats stock mm?

Hey guys I'm sure this is a common request but im wondering what is a "stock puch" Ive got a 78 "not a magnum" says e50 on the bottom end. Its a 2hp Model I just bought a boss pipe from treats, havent payed for it yet because I dont know what else to get, what mm carb is on it now? I am pretty sure its all stock. Also how big is a stock intake? How big is the exhaust header if I am going to use it for a new intake. Treats sells 15mm intakes does this engine have square or round intake on it? What carb and jets should I get because I think i wrecked my carb gaskets as well as my throttle cable so I feel like I should go ahead and replace these, Thanks...ill post some pics soon, Ive got a ebr fork on it its the only mod so far.

Re: whats stock mm?

Um, I think the 2hp ones came with 14mm Bings, but you can look at the numbers on it and verify. It'll be like, 1/12/314 or something. You want the middle number. 12=12mm, 14=14mm, 15=15mm (it's highly unlikely you have a 15mm on there now). As far as I know, the stock intakes match the stock carbs, but you could always take it off and measure it if you aren't sure. Taking it off would also let you see the inkake port and know whether it's square or round.

If you're looking to upgrade your carb, probably either the 15mm Bing or 15mm Dellorto is a good choice. I personally like Bings, although there are plenty of people who like the Dellortos better. I'm pretty sure the 15mm intake Treats sells is for the Bing, but maybe he's got stuff I'm not aware of/remembering. Of course, you could save yourself a lot of money and just replace the throttle cable and gaskets on the carb you've got now -- 14mm certainly sufficient for what your needs appear to be.

As for what jets to buy, look at whatever you have in your carb right now. Buy the next three or four sizes up from that. So, if you have a 60, get 62, 64, 66, and maybe 68. I'd think that would give you enough options for now and for when it gets colder (upjet when it gets colder). Run plug chops to dial your jet size in.

Also, there's a lot of good info in the wiki ... you should check it out. (Performance Tuning category).

Re: whats stock mm?

stock intakes are 14 and 12 too, they should have a number stamped on them too. all the ones i've seen are round port, you can tell because it's round all the way to the flange where it meets the cylinder.

if there were stock square port intakes I would love to get my hands on a tall one for za50.

Re: whats stock mm?

most racers (dirt bike and go kart) i know swear by either Mikuni or Keihin. but a Dellorto/bing is all u need. that and miki or keihin don't make race carbs under 21mm (that i have heard of)

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