1975 Garelli help

I just bought this 75 Garelli, but I'm not sure what model it is....all the stickers are faded. It's my first moped and I love it but it just doesn't seem to have any torque or power. I live in a kinda hilly place and it does, if I'm lucky, 8mph max uphill and thats on good days. I've been looking at a bunch of different upgrades such as Boss exhaust, 70cc kits, etc. But just wanted to know what the best bang for my buck would be...exhaust? Also what would fit it? Thanks a lot!


Re: 1975 Garelli help

it looks like a rallysport. clean your carb and your tank. fresh gas and all that. then clean the points. a pipe is a great place to start on these bikes. expansion exhausts for garellis ar almost always hack and weld though, so you'll have to find a pipe that you like and have it welded onto the stock header. nothing hard. you can get polini NOI 70 kits for around 175 and a PHBG carb for around 100. basically for about 400 bucks you can have an impressively fast bike.

so yeah. in this order




done. enjoy it, my garellis make me happy everyday.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

Thank you sir.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

You most likely have a Eureka Flex model with the earlier radial finned cylinder and head.

You need to check some basics and get that thing running a consistant 25MPH + before attemtping any upgrades.

-Make sure the ehaust baffle and header are not restricted

-Make sure your carb and fuel system are clean

-Check the color of the spark plug (tan to a little chocolately is good)

-Check compression with a gauge if possible

Garellis that have any air leak around the head gasket or cylinder base basket have a tendancy to run good for a minute or 2, then heat up excessively and lack power.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

it also looks like it could be a gransport, but i dont know if the gransports came in blue. i think rob k is right though, probably a eureka flex.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

So I just pulled the block apart, made new gaskets out of gasket rubber paper, cleaned the carb and fuel tank, spark plug is good, and compression seems fine. I noticed a slight increase in torque, but it is still toping out at like 18. Is such a low top speed normal for this moped? Is there anything else I can do, besides upgrades? Thanks again for all yalls input.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

I've got a Eureka Flex and it looks almost exactly like that, the rallysport had handlebars that clamp on to the triple tree with a little four-bolt aluminum plate that says "Garelli". The Flex had a post that comes up and the handlebars are attached to that.

Garelli did make a 20mph version of some bikes depending what state they were sold in, does your VIN plate say what the bike is rated at?

Re: 1975 Garelli help

I can see where it would say, but the right half is worn off for some reason. I'm taking it to a guy today to see if he can tell me if anything is wrong with it or if it's supposed to be like that...if so then I'll probably put a Boss exhaust on it and go from there.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

Jet size is usually a good indicator, you could open up the carb and check to see what jet size you're running.

I'm pretty sure they went #48 for the 20mph, #50 for the 25, and #52 for the 30

Also, go to the moped wiki and search for garelli, there's info in there about the "yellow dot" slow cylinder vs. The "red dot" fast one, and how to tell which one you have.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

so if I just switch the jets out it will go faster? Where is the variator, Wikipedia says something about some moped being restricted by the variator...

Re: 1975 Garelli help

jet size alone won't make you faster... Your performance is like a balancing act and changing one thing will throw others off. The jet size just gives you an idea of where everything is at. If you increase the amount of gas going in, you need to make sure the carburetor is still getting enough air to mix with the new increased gas flow. If the fuel to air mixture is too rich you'll bog down, and actually lose speed. The best first step to going faster is a better exhast pipe.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

i dont think any garellis came with variators. am i wrong about that? i'm tired, but i am pretty positive.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

that's a fact. no Garelli bikes are variated. I've got manuals upon manuals and they made plenty of multi-speed bikes but no variated ones.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

Cool, I didnt think that just increasing the jet size would do any good but figured it never hurt to ask. I don't know what I would do without yall, Thanks again! I guess my next investment will be an exhaust...I was thinking Boss, but do yall have any sugestions?

Re: 1975 Garelli help

i have a bullet on my SSXL, it was cool with the 50cc stock cylinder (especially once i ported it), its not a fan of the 70 polini kit though. i'm going to try out an estoril and see how it likes that next.

Re: 1975 Garelli help

Boss or the Estoril, I'd say go with the Boss since you're looking for more speed. Plus it's what, like almost half the price of the estoril?

Re: 1975 Garelli help

Ok so i determined it's a Eureka Flex...18mph version :/ Where should i start in making it go at least 30mph...or is it possible with this bike...without a speed kit? Can i just get a new piston and drop it in?

Re: 1975 Garelli help

18mph version? lol ouch

replace your pipe, you'll see a little improvement. I have a sneaking suspicion you may also have the rare Dellorto 14/9 carburetor? Most Garellis came with a 14/12, in any case you can take a dremel and bore that sucker out to 14/14.

If you're really anti-kitting, you could probably buy someone's old cylinder when they get a kit, or try to find a trashed Garelli that you can scavenge parts from.

other than that, all the usual cheap tricks apply: mill your head to raise compression, find a smaller rear sprocket, research porting your cylinder, etc.

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