engine case

so dudes.

what should I know before i get into splitting my case?

do I need new seals?

do I need new anything?

what am I going to break?

Is there any crazy voodoo magic going on in there?

Should I even be bothering to do this on a benelli g2?

how do i make sure everything is where its supposed to be and what its supposed to look like?

How will i be able to determine with any sort of certainty that everything is in good order?

Lots of questions lots of answerers.

Thanks dudes.

Re: engine case

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

why do you need to rebuild your engine. YES to new bearings and seals. but i saw your motor and it looked pretty clean. i bet you just need to rebuild your topend and port it a little and make sure your electrical is working good and get yourself a 15sha for that baby.

-lee, the guy who pulled your flywheel off at the rally.

Re: engine case

Well lee

I am thinking about ordering a kit for this bitch. ^^that one right thurr.

And before i spend the money on a phbg and the kit I want to make sure EVERY thing is in good condition before I drop close too 500 bucks on this baby.

Re: engine case

split the case. make sure all the little thrust washers don't fall out and you can't remember where they go. nothing it there would be broken unless you can visibly see it. make sure the crank only has a little side to side end play, NO up and down end play. its not too hard. DIVE INTO IT DUDE!!!

Re: engine case


the clutch is FUUUUCKED

need a new one

dont know where to get one

Re: engine case


Re: engine case

awesome ill just order a _benelli g2_ clutch from treats...


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