Autumn rebuild

Hi there,

here is one pic of my late summer-early autumn moped rebuild.

It a 1980 ROG Pony Express with Puch E50 engine.

Everything was stripped, old paint down, primer first then finish. That cost me 50 Euros.

Wheels lubricated, all cleaned to the core.

Otherwise it's a stock engine with only piston replaced. It has now standard size piston but with top L-ring.

From may until now I ride around 100miles or more each week on it.

Top speed around 55km/h.

LED back light with rectifier circuit.

Need only new seat.

More pictures here break> Regards,



Autumn rebuild

roadent$ craig /


Re: Autumn rebuild

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

cool! put a tank on that naked body!!!

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