Peugeot Polini "Top One" WATCH OUT!!

I bought this pipe a while ago from Benji... great pipe, runs well on my stock engine. Provides great mid-range accelleration, and gave me a good 5-7mph on top end...


the mount piece on the pipe that goes to the exhaust mount under the engine is total shit! It snapped right off the pipe after only 30-50 miles of riding! I used a nice padded aftermarket mount under the engine too!

damn damn damn.

any one else have this problem?

Re: Peugeot Polini "Top One" WATCH OUT!!

no problems here, i used a copper mount from a previous polini pipe

Re: Peugeot Polini "Top One" WATCH OUT!!

problem solved once I found a welder. But watch out. With those padded exhaust mounts, might be best to under-tighten with a lock-tight nut, take advantage of the padded mounts' 'give.'

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