Athena70cc & Dellorto 20m

I've just put an Athena 70cc reed-valve kit on my Magnum. When I went to put my new carb on as well, I found out it wont fit as the top side of the carb hits the frame.

Obviously I cant cut into the frame to make room.

Does anyone ave any advice to get this to all work. Also, I tried to look though the database and didnt find this problem so I am trying not to waste anyones time.


Re: Athena70cc & Dellorto 20m

u need an intake that goes out the side ususally made from an exhst header

Re: Athena70cc & Dellorto 20m

BootyClap Ninja /

yup you need to get or fab a new intake that will get the carb out of the way. Plenty of threads on this subject if you want to go that route.

easiest way is to chop up an exhaust header and use that.

Re: Athena70cc & Dellorto 20m

Thanks Guys wishing I got the rubber mount carb. Looks like I get to play welder tomorrow.


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