Kitting and up Jetting Targa LX

Ok so I just bought a 94 Targa LX. I have money right now to buy everything I need. This is what I need help with.

These are my upgrades:

+Airsal 70cc Kit.

+SHA 16:16 Dellorto Lever Choke(Unless something better in a reasonable price range will do me better)

+Technigas Next R

+Looking for a Hi Flow Custom Airfilter? Need help

-I need help finding an offset intake so my hi flow air filter will correctly function. And so I wont have to drop my motor out to mess with my carb. Where is the best place to get one? I see Moped Junk Yard has the Offset Manifold and Injector. Do I need a new injector too? Or can I use the injector off the regular intake? Also will the 16mm SHA fit this manifold no problem? Or will I need to shave or add to the shim?

Just curious. Sorry, haven’t kitted anything yet and I want to do this right.

-Also, what jetting size do I need to start out with while breaking in this kit? I know a stock dellorto is a 52 or so. What jets do I need to change? Idle, Main, and Pilot? I’m new to the whole Up Jetting thing and I’m sort of confused. I know I don’t want to plug chop either. I’d rather run a little rich and deal with that.

-I also want to nix my oil tank. I don’t trust those oil pumps. So what do I do? Just drain the oil tank and pre mix as usual? Or do I have to remove the pump? If I can just drain it and leave the thing attached but pre mix in the gas tank, that would be awesome.

Re: Kitting and up Jetting Targa LX

Re: Kitting and up Jetting Targa LX

the 16.16 should come with a filter and high flow airbox on it already. same with the 15.15.

this jobber right here should come on it.

from what i can tell, tomos intake is 18mm.

you might need a shim or something.

maybe this one, im no expert just trying to piece this together in my head.

SHA's have one jet for everything. the PHGB's are the ones with idley jets and needly needles. what jet to run? no idea. and plug chopping is easy and pretty essential. jet rich, run wot, kill the bike, unbolt it and look at it, rejet accordingly. easy peasy.

i dont see why you couldnt just unplug the pump and block off the hole in the intake but why not unbolt that pump and do it right? i think themopedjunkyard lists both straight and offset intakes with and without injector holes, so just buy the one without one or buy one with it and put a bolt in it or something.

i've got a 95 and im going a similar route just unkitted. bought an estoril. considering going baller and buying a 15.15 or 16.16 but might just tough it out on the stock carb with the high flow filter majiggy. still trying to figure out about what range of jets to buy myself.

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