grande loss of power

so I recently replaced the variator on my 1980 grande and at first it ripped balls. Now, like 3 weeks later, it seems like it wont even get over like 20 mph. WTF? is it possible my belt has stretched out and is slipping? I haven't changes the jets in the carb or done anything else for that matter.

Also, when I have the bike propped up on a board so the rear wheel spins free, the variator opens all the way and the bike seems like it screams... When I get on it, its a different story though. what do you vespa gods out there think?

1980 vespa grande

13/13 dellorto carb, jetted in the mid 50's

malossi foam filter

tjt variator with stock rear spring and yellow rollers

proma moto exhaust

this is a grande rated for 30 mph by the way

Re: grande loss of power

You may need to re adjust your engine position, check the bolts holding the engine into the subframe, if they slid back it makes slack on the belt. make sure its nice and tight.

Also, is your bike four stroking?

Re: grande loss of power

no four stroking. i'll check the bolts for sure. But I don't get it, when I have the bike on a board, the variator works like its supposed to. when I'm on the bike, its slow as hell.. It seems as if the bolts slipped, it would not rev like that on the board, right?


Re: grande loss of power

Mr. Richard Dickrich /

Head bolts come loose? How is the compression?

Re: grande loss of power

when its up. it has no load on it. when its haling you around circumstances are different.

Re: grande loss of power

Could be the belt stretching; I definitely had to change belts when I upgraded my variator.

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