Relining e50 clutches

The wiki shows a couple pictures of relined clutch shoes for an e50.

Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to repair the worn shoes? I saw a tutorial for a35 shoes, but I don't know if the process is pretty much the same or not. Also, I'm not quite sure on what materials to use.

The wiki says from right to left, the linings are:

1: Standard Puch

2: Self-made lining, comparable to stock.

3: Kind of fiber-lining for better grip and oil distribution.

4: Kevlar-lining with a profile for oil distribution.

What is comparable to stock?

Is the fiber lining just cork?

Do I just use some sort of superglue or gorilla glue?



Re: Relining e50 clutches

i really want to know too.

Re: Relining e50 clutches

I'm gonna do this soon with brake shoe material, I'm not sure if it's gonna work or not, but it's worth a shot.

you should try and do it and see also. just do it, and if it dosen't work than just take it off and try something else 'till it works, then share the knowledge yo!

Re: Relining e50 clutches

Some suppliers like mcmaster carr sell "friction material" by the roll and you can get it in whatever hardness you want.

Re: Relining e50 clutches

After reading up on this, I'm pretty sure that the nonmetallic strips of brake and clutch lining will provide a strong material to bond to the clutch arms. They seem to be able to hold up to enough heat (450 F). The price can't be beat either @ $3.45 for a 1/4"x1"x12" strip. That should be enough for a few clutches.

I'm having a little trouble finding a glue that is strong, yet can resist the temperatures a clutch reaches. I've been looking at the Devcon 2 ton epoxy because it has the strength I need, although it will only hold up to 200 F.

How hot does a well tuned clutch get as the bike is operating? Does anyone have any suggestions that I should look into before I order anything?

Re: Relining e50 clutches

Hot enough to make the clutchbell turn blue.

I dunno at what temp steel turns blue, but it's pretty hot.

Re: Relining e50 clutches

blueing starts around 560-570 degrees F

Re: Relining e50 clutches

Damn epoxy definately won't work and the clutch lining I found probably won't hold up unless I buy the really expensive stuff.

Woohooo glue

They have glue and lining.

I talked to a guy who does mini-bike racing, and he has his clutches lined with construction-equipment clutch lining. He says he doesn't want anything else than that, cause it grabs so darn hard and it lasts pretty long.

a r e v a l o

Has anyone done this yet?

Re: a r e v a l o

Yea but what is that adhesive they've use on brake shoes for years now. I know they didn't have epoxy back then and it must be really cheap whatever it is

Re: a r e v a l o

ive done this

ive relined the starter face with rubberized cork gasket material and long cure epoxy

ive relined the shoes with brake shoes used or new for Ebrakes and drums

cut it grind to shape on the bench grinder, wire wheel the back and the face of the shoe to rough it up and expoxy with whatever i have on hand

sometimes jb weld, sometimes regular old epoxy

ive also used the epoxy made to repair exhaust holes in tailpipes and mufflers

it all seems to work

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