cutting a crank

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i was told that i shuld cut my dmp crank down like 5mm on one side and 10 mm on another. how do i do this? what tools do i use? what are the benifits of doing this?

Re: cutting a crank

Who's ass did you hear this shit coming out of?

I would suggest building the motor and then putting some sand into the intake, it helps polish the cylinder nice and smooth.


Re: cutting a crank

that's a vespa mod. What kind of bike do you have?

Re: cutting a crank

Cory (mrdr 133) /

dmp is a decent crank man, it's good as it is. you can cut the crank on vespa if you're not upgrading to a 19mm case. but if you're not ridding vespa, don't even worry

Re: cutting a crank

DMP still needs cutting...the aperture is no greater than stock.

Set the crank in front of you and move it so the con rod side is on the right. See how the left side is cut down shorter? You need to extend that cut down area by 5mm on what will be the side closest to you, and 10mm on what will be the far side.

Re: cutting a crank

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so james set the crank so the shaft is on the left side? or so the shaft is farthest away from me? paz your so funny!!! hahahah stfu

Re: cutting a crank

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Re: cutting a crank

Your stupid "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" name screws up my viewing of the performance forum on my tablet. Makes the author column so wide it compresses the titles so they're all multi-line.

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