Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

So im going to do some mild perf. mods to my 77 Cimatti City with a Minarelli V1... im thinkin of goin with a 15.15 dellorto but im not sure which size to get.... treatz says that one is the larger outside, like 19mm, and the other is 18mm outside measurement... wondering which i need for my bike...

also, where can i get the write intake so the extra umph isnt lost?

btw, i am also going to get a perf. exhaust... not sure which yet, but i will get one for sure!

Thanks in advance

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

I've been scanning around for an intake to match a 19mm or so carb for my Minarelli. Treats had some puch ones that fit the stock head perfectly he said, but he's out at the moment.

I found another one that I would imagine fits on the stock as well, it's a Polini (Same shape/etc - ask QK though..don't take my word for it :P)

If you're looking for a really nice pipe, contact Ed here on the forums (Mopagen) - he has some great pipes so I've heard. I'm going to grab one of his Scorpians for my Minarelli. (Much more money than a cheap tecno boss or biturbo though...but it's almost bolt right on comparatively.)

Good luck!

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

1977mopeds used to have a good 15mm intake, dunno if they still do. It had an outer diameter of 19mm.

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

ya... 1977 does have nice 15mm intakes, but theyre damn expensive... so im thinkin of just drillin out 12mm intake as far as i can...

also, what kind of jet should i put in it?

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

low to mid 60's on the jet

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

sounds good...

Re: Dellorto 15.15 for Minarelli

I was running a 58 with the 1977 intake and mild intake port matching. With a stock exhaust on there the 15.15 isn't going to give you hardly any speed, just noise. Its paired with an exhaust that it matters, and then you'd want mid to maybe high 60s. Maybe it depends on which cylinder you have, only way to really know jetting is by the plug. For the best exhaust, get a Scorpion from Ed. Though supposedly treats has some Minarelli exhausts coming in soon, but I've heard that before.

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