Targa Acceleration

I've gotta 03' tomos targa lx. I'm wondering what i can do with better acceleration for the first gear. It takes off kinda slower than how i would like it, so is there anything i can improve on this? I run a stock engine with a 58 jet, biturbo pipe with no airfilter.(Just a wiremesh).

Re: Targa Acceleration

John Joedicke /

Put larger rear sprocket on but give up top speed though.

Re: Targa Acceleration

58 isn't a very big jet, have you done plug chops?

Re: Targa Acceleration

just throw a kit on it. mi tomos is too fast off the line ,one day im gonna get a ticket because i can blast cars off the line right into a speed trap.

mine will pull a wheelie

Re: Targa Acceleration

Put the air filter back on and see if that helps.

Re: Targa Acceleration

Yea i have done plug chops and its running right. Right now in Jersey its getting a bit cold so, i think its just right. I think im gonna try and put on the airfilter to see if it helps.

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