SACHS expansion chamer exhaust

Considering making some expansion chamber exhausts as a direct bolt on for sachs since the only other ones are no longer in production. Checking to see if there are others interested in such a pipe, and if so, what types of performance gains are you guys looking for so I can come up with some designs.

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It would seem most sachs people complain about low end performance but I'd shoot for mid-range. You've got pedals to help out the low end and mid-range will help on the hills.

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I agree mid-range would be very helpful.

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i threw one of treats' jamarcol tomos pipes on my sachs seville. The thing is a junker and a slowped so i figured id just strap the thing on and see how it went. That pipe on the stock header with a properly tuned 12mm puch bing does about 27 (up from 25), and has good midrange power like you guys are talking about. Not awesome low end, but once you get off the line it feels pretty good. then when you're coasting and you blip the throttle again its nice and responsive. good little mod for $30, and bolting up was a breeze.

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Re: SACHS expansion chamer exhaust

I put that pipe on my G3 with a 505/1a it was definitely worth the money and the mount up was super easy. It did 29.8 on the gps. Its waiting for a new carb right now. I also got my rings in from handybikes so as soon as my new carb shows up I can test my porting job.

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installation is very easy. take the stock pipe apart and you'll realize the header actually extends about 8 inches into the stock stinger (as poorly illustrated)... hack off this unnecessary chunk (you'll be able to tell what is excess) and then just clamp the sucker on.

the stock rear clamp is no good cause its round, and the jamarcol... well.. isnt. so i went the simple, cheap, easy way and bought a bigass hose clamp. just wrapped the hose clamp around the existing exhaust mount (part #5) and tightened... holds it all together nice and sturdy.

it pretty much cleared the pedals, but not 100%. since its a cheapo $30 pipe, i just found where it was making contact with the pedals (pretty obvious to tell) and beat the shit out of it with a hammer so it doesnt hit anymore. yay.

all in all its a good investment... for $30 it was kinda an experiment and it worked pretty well... figured id just buy it and jury rig it as much as needed till it worked, and i did exactly that. it was doing about 25 mph without it, now i do about 27-30. the biggest improvement was in the midrange, though. its very responsive and torquey once you get past 5ish mph.

one side note is that i switched the 12mm sachs bing with a 12mm puch bing... that way i could actually tune the thing. with the sachs bing it ran like shit cause im not about to pay $10 for a jet at mopedjunkyard. with a 14mm bing im sure itd all perform even better but i havent got to that yet. good luck,



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