Vespa Grande Tire Options

I just got a Vespa Grande - and am desperately trying to learn the bike.

What are the best tires available for this bike?

And can anyone conform the sizes and variations that can be substituted?

It seems like the front tire should definitely be 17 X 2.25 - but can you also use a 17 X 2.50 in the front?

And in the rear, is the stock tire 16 X 2.50 or should it be 16 X 2.75? Or can either be used?

I haven't found any big name tires that specifically are 16 x 2.50/2.75 - however, the Pirelli ml75 seems to be some european size,.......but according to this site they convert to 16 X 2.50 & 16 X 2.75 tires - which would be perfect for the rear rim (I think):

For the front tire, the Michelin gazell (m62) is the only name brand tire I can find for the front - but nobody has them in stock and they are made in thailand (not france).

Re: Vespa Grande Tire Options

i think i have 17x2.50 pirelli tire in the front and a new (my old pirelli tires' sidewall split) 16x2.75 tire from zippymopeds that fits fine.

those pirelli tires are the right sizes, i believe. if they work and are good, post back here...

Re: Vespa Grande Tire Options

I have the ml75 2.75x16 on the rear; excellent tire. I have an 2.25x17 NR21 on the front.

Re: Vespa Grande Tire Options


I was hoping that someone here could confirm if the Pirelli ML75 definitely would fit on a stock vespa granda rear rim. For whatever reason, almost no one list the tire in a standard format.

That's definitely the tire I am getting, now that someone has confirmed that it fits, seems like the only high quality choice.

Re: Vespa Grande Tire Options

are pirelli tires still made in italy? does it matter?

Re: Vespa Grande Tire Options

I'll let you know when it gets here (I just ordered one).

This has been the only rear tire I could find from a maker that I even recognized.

And the michelin gazelle is the only 17 X 2.25 recognizable brand I could find for the front tire.

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