TCCD kit not running for long after new setup

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I have a 70cc TCCD kit which I put on my e50 engine (Puch maxi)

I have a 19mm Dellorto PHBG racing carb, proma GP exhaust, malossi angled air filter, a kstar piston and ring

I have ported the case to match the kit and only really took metal out of the first 2 in and touched up to the back wall but didn't really take anything out.

I have adjusted the timing and first time I went to start her she started and ran for 20-30 seconds then I turned the lights on to check them and the kit died.

So I started her up again and turned on the horn and the kit died. So I checked the spark and it wasn't blue but yellow orange so I replaced the condenser. Now I have a good blue spark.

But, I can't seem to get her to run for anything longer than 20 seconds. I have adjusted my timing to every possible setting (in 4 hours I think I covered them all) I have tried a 66, 69, 70, 71, 74, 80 main jets (I have started big). And if I let it sit for a day then I can start it up for 10-20 seconds again.

My needle is on the 2nd from the top. I believe it is a w9. I have a choke lever and use that. I have tried starter fluid and it is a little better than the gas but not much, and it still won't run.

I have practically new points (4 months old and it has been sitting for 2 or so). I did accidentally chip the stator plate so there is a little metal missing by my top screw to hold it in. But when I tighten it the stator doesn't appear to move.

I believe my gas mixture is close to 35:1 (I started with 50:1 and then added some 2 cycle oil to make it richer) but since it wasn't exactly 5 gallons of gas in the container and I mainly just tried to make it a little richer I am unsure as to the exact mixture but it is close and I used less than what it would have taken 4-4 1/2 gallons to get there.

I have looked around and can't quite see anything on this specific problem. Maybe I am wrong. Thank you in advance.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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