airsal 70 cc kit

so i have za50 and im gonna throw a 70cc airsal kit on it

I have a 14mm bing and I was wondering if any one else has this same set up or reccomends something different

Re: airsal 70 cc kit

i'm running that kit with a 14 bing and a boss. Not quite done breaking it in yet but it feels good so far. i'm not looking to race the bike though just for getting around with out having to pull over so cars can pass me.

Re: airsal 70 cc kit

puch rider /

that is the exact pipe im gonna put on there.

what jet do you use

what filter do you use?

how fast you got it up to?

you do have the za50 right?

Re: airsal 70 cc kit

works great on a za, i run it with an estoril and a high flow and it gets me into the forties. start jetting in the 80s, still rich around 80-78 here at sea level when it's warm out. you may have to go to a smaller needle jet to get it to idle. gl

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