Universal pod air filter problem on a35?

Sorry in advance, I post here rarely and when I do it is for noob questions like this. I tried a search and failed to find something on this, but anyway here's my quesiton:

I got a universal pod air filter from heeters (http://www.heeters.com/AirFilters.shtml near the bottom, for a35) to put on my a35 targa. However, it is next to impossible to get on because one of the engine mount nuts is directly in the way. Is there a good way to make this fit or should I just return it and get something different? Thanks for the help...

and I can get it on by loosening the intake to wiggle it on to get the rubber rim past the bolt, but then the engine mount bolt is jamming into the foam which I am afraid will eventually tear up the foam, not to mention I don't really want to have to loosen the intake every time I want to get at my air filter or carb.

Re: Universal pod air filter problem on a35?

You gotta take the spring out of the filter and put it on the carb first. Then you gotta fanaygle the foam back on the spring. Then you undo the whole clamp and put it on where the foam meets the spring and carb. I know its a beeotch, but it'll go on there. Does the filter look like the one in my attachment?


Re: Universal pod air filter problem on a35?

Haha. It looks like you clamped a scotch-brite pad to the carb. I can see where it would work. It's ugly, but would work.

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