Tuning my stock Moped

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well i have a tomos LX with an A35 engine everything is stock and i want to completely rebuild so i looked up online on stuff to buy for it and heres what i got

-70cc Airsal kit

-BiTurbo OR a TecNigas exhaust ( TELL ME which is better)

-16 16 Delotro Carb

PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY SEGGESTIONS OR ANY TIPS LET ME KNOW and by the way is a bigger carb better? like a 21mm Carb? I'll get anything that helps my performance but since im still a Rookie you guys gotta help me out THNX


Re: Tuning my stock Moped

Welcome dude.

I might be your closest brethren.

Around here, A Biturbo with its top end bias will work better. Better yet, head on down to HP Mopeds on Eisenhower, and get one of their Biturbo knock-offs, the Twin Turbo. When the time comes, you can think about getting one of their custom first speed clutches to regain some of that lost low end.

The Airsal will be the easiest kit to get parts for, but it's not the best kit. It's what I run on my kitted bike, and it's way past its 10,000th mile. Good all around street kit in my book.

A bigger carb doesn't really benefit our bikes because the intake manifold is 12mm. Your stock carb is also 12mm. Unless you pull an intake off a Daelim, or somehow enlarge your stock one, it won't improve anything. Besides, you can get going low to mid 40's with a kit, pipe and jet, all on the stock intake.

P.S. Typing in caps is like yelling. We're a chill bunch here.

Re: Tuning my stock Moped

you can get 15 mm intakes, too.

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