BELTS! size matters

so you already know my set up, so ill skip thaf. heres the deal...

been having some allignment issues, so i made a flat, no spacer shim to go in the head to kinda scootch the motor over a hair more (again) hoping to avoid the belt rub and rubber coating my bikes getting`

this set up is a hair tricky to set up, and ive done all kinds of things to make it---

not bang the pulley

allign true

maximum variation

this includes trying differant belts.

usually a 17320 is perfect, although a goodyear 17321 is easier to find. but i thought id try to experiment a bit.

first i thought why not try a smaller belt? so i got a 17315. the results were great. SUPER easy starts, better variation, and higher speeds. the downside? sometimes the belt likes to flip sideways.


so then i thought, maybe a skinnier belt would not get hung up, and fit the pulley groove better.

so i got a 15315. the results were horrid. almost no variation, screaming to do 30. hmmm no good.

ive got everything moved over as far as it will go so im kinda stuck. the 17320 is whats seems to be the happy medium, but im still chewin them up a bit.

if anyone has any ideas id love to hear em

Re: BELTS! size matters

you need an industrial belt either 4L320, or a L432 Dayco Brand or cross it to Gates or whatever.

Re: BELTS! size matters

Have you tried the ax30 gates?

Re: BELTS! size matters

boo gates! i use these ace hardware belts. they're great and last a really long time.

Re: BELTS! size matters

yeah dude keep experimenting and try the 4l320, the gates ax30, and the one shay posted.

u can try those red candy belts too, but i wouldn't recommend it if ur eating belts, allen tryed it and ruined one, they $$$.

also i think 1977 had some tecnix brand belts a while back, if u check rcv-team and the french stores they have like doppler brand belts and all sorts of sstuff to try out.

Re: BELTS! size matters

I was running a Power Twist V-Belt during Ghost ride. I had nothing but problems with the damned thing. The belt kept stretching the longer I rode and as I had to bump start her, it ment I had to take a link or two out each time in order to get enough tension to turn the motor over.

Re: BELTS! size matters

i use a 4L320 size btw, the 3L210 was just the picture i found.

Re: BELTS! size matters

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I was turned onto True Value lawnmower belts. Automotive belts just didn't work for me. They come in many widths and I've had no problems.

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