Top Racing crank vs DMP re: seals

I just got a Top Racing crank for my E50, and I wanna know if it's supposed to require the same size seal on each arm... only because the hole of the 22 40 7 seal is too big for the clutch side arm. Both arms require the 17 40 7 seal as it seems.

My other DMP crank is different. On the clutch side arm it takes the 22 40 7 seal, cause it has that extra little shelf that it fits up onto, as does the stock E50 crank if I remember well; the Top Racing crank doesn't have that extra shelf. So I just wandered if you're aware of this, and if I'm fine with using the smaller 17 40 7 seal on both sides.

My apologies if this would fit the repair forum instead. Thanks.

Re: Top Racing crank vs DMP re: seals

Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, cause I don't have the top racing crank... but I'm 90% certain I remember reading that the seals are all the same size (apparently the small ones) on it.

So I think you're correct in assuming you need 2 of the smaller ones.

Good luck, you should be able to get them from treats if you need another.

Re: Top Racing crank vs DMP re: seals

the top racing and parma kit need 2 of the smaller seals

Re: Top Racing crank vs DMP re: seals

thanks ya sirs.

Re: Top Racing crank vs DMP re: seals

watch out when you pound the bearings on. (top crank)

i hit mine on tooo far and had to pull one up just a few mm's to get the crank eyed up in the middle.

and the fresh bearings made it tight. but then after i ran it once its sooo smooth now. ( i was told to soak them in gas to get the grease out but i didnt. screw that )

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