best bearing grease

I am doing a complete rebuild on my e50 and I was curious as to

what your thoughts are on the best grease for engine bearings?

This is my first complete rebuild.... at least the first time I have

basically replaced the crankshaft and bearings...and ported. I

know that the bearings are lubed by the oil gas mixture for part of

the crankshaft and the other is lubed by the ATF, but I just would

like to put it together correctly. This isn't the first time I have

cracked the case...just the first time I have replaced the bearings.


Re: best bearing grease

Bill, I've always used marine grease on every grease application I have. Remember that using it on the clutch side will alter the composition of the fluid. That is never a good idea. Larry

Re: best bearing grease

Put 2 stroke oil in the bearings and grease on the lip of the seals

Re: best bearing grease

Use 2-stroke oil on engine bearings and ATF on transmission bearings.

Re: best bearing grease

engine bearings dont need grease dude.

Re: best bearing grease

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

WRONG!!!! peter don't start with dry bearings.

start a motor with dry bearings and they are ruined instantly (if you are a performance tuner and you need your bearings to be awesome). if the bearing doesn't come with grease in it, then put some 2 stroke oil on them. your gas-oil mixture will lube them for the rest of their lives. any grease will just be washed out by you mixture in about an hour of riding.

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