Ideas for Better 1 speed Low End?

I had a cracked piston ring and some crappy seals on my 2hp Maxi, so I rebuilt the engine with new seals and new rings. It’s running again and will cruise along at about 35, which is great, but the low end has really suffered.

It now takes me like 2 blocks to get up to 15 or 20 where the power kicks in, and this is obviously terrible for city riding. My first inclination is to size down the freewheel to get a little more low end out of my legs, then maybe a new engine chain (mine is pretty seriously stretched).

I’m also thinking my exhaust is leaking at the engine and I know it’s a little clogged past the bend. Is replacing my exhaust a good idea to get more low end power?

Brake shoes are clean and spinning nicely, tires are inflated, transmission fluid is new (Type F).

Just looking for some ideas here.

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