cimatti city bike

I'm a new guy to this forum, so hello my name is Pete. I have a 1970's (i'm guessing) Cimatti City Bike which i have taken apart to the last nut and bolt.

I have re chromed almost all of the shiny bits and the rest of it is ready for paint, a burgundy red with a little pearl.

My question is regarding improving the performance of the engine and where i can find the parts. It has a v1 motor.

I can fabricate metal pieces such as engine mounts and exhaust mounts.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: cimatti city bike

Get a performance exhaust, and a larger jet for your carb. Thats the start. Eventually enlarging the ports in the engine, getting a bigger front sprocket, maybe getting a kit, and a bigger carb. There are Scorpion performance exhausts on ebay right now, they are good. You can also do some modification and use a Puch performance exhaust which can be cheaper.

Re: cimatti city bike

Thanks Noah, I'll take a look at the pipes on ebay. Do you know if there is a bigger barrel and piston available??


Re: cimatti city bike

A bigger cylinder and piston is what I mean by a "kit." There are both 70cc Polini (italian) kits and 80cc and 90cc Imperial (south american) kits.

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