fast vespa setups....

ok, since i've been gone for soooo long, due to my injuries, and the month and a half of recovery time needed for them, i've had to put my projects on hold. i'm trying to get back into it, and finish the vespa, to at least ride a little bit before it gets cold.

what i'd like to hear, are some good reccomendations for vespa setups. what are the good kits people are running? what size carb? what pipes etc?

what i have:

Vespa ciao

1. Simo circuit pipe

2. variated setup

3. no kit, no carb

lemme know a good route to go

Re: fast vespa setups....

Brian Smithmeyer /

In case you haven't seen this...start here:

"tuners spreadsheet":

I'm running a 64cc polini kit, but I'm stuck at 38 mph. I wouldn't exactly call that fast. I need a carb that's bigger than the 13:13 I have.

Re: fast vespa setups....

you gotta go side intake case half. what pipe is on there homie?

Re: fast vespa setups....

BTW, thx a million for the spreadsheet

Re: fast vespa setups....

Im runing the DR kit, 13.13. carb, drilled intake, case matched and ported, racing crank, simonini proline, bigger forks too,

and im topping out mid to upper 40s.

Re: fast vespa setups....

my ciao is a bit on the extreme side, but you can read about it at <> if you want to.

if i were to build another mild ciao (which i want to do) i would probably go with a malossi 50cc kit, 1313 dellorto, no variator, proma circuit pipe (or polini top one, as the proma pipe cant' be found anymore), milled head, cut crank and opened up the intake to be 13mm.

all of that with a slightly smaller rear pully should give you about the same take off as a stock ciao (nothing spectacular, more like a stock 1 speed puch), but a pretty awesome mid range and top end.

you could spice that up a little with a variated transmission, malossi variator and the malossi gears, but then you're looking at a lot more money for better acceleration and probably 5mph on the top.

Re: fast vespa setups....

sorry, i failed the internet.

"you can read about it if you want to at"; is what that was supposed to say.

Re: fast vespa setups....

Brian Smithmeyer /

Ian, I'll be impressed if you get into the upper 40s with that setup. Keep us updated.

I have a Polini Top One on mine.

Re: fast vespa setups....

Cory (mrdr 133) /

i'm probably going to have to stick with opening up the intake to 13mm...we shall see. i'm going to look into the malossi kits, and the one speed clutch and rear hub, but mine was never one speed, it's always been variated

Re: fast vespa setups....

Its all in the pipe.

Im thinking about going with variation and a smaller rear pulley for better acceleration.

Im either going to go with buying a variation setup or upgrading cases to the Malossi one for a bigger carb.

Single speed kinda sucks though. No low end

Re: fast vespa setups....

you can't have both variation and a smaller pulley.. there are different sized rear variator cheeks that came on different vespa moepds, but none of them are stamped, and it's a pretty small difference. nothing too noticeable as far as performance goes.

the malossi case is rad, it's what i run on ciaociao, but you might have trouble finding cdi to fit it and the points version is nearly impossible to find.

single speed doesn't suck any more on a ciao than it does on a puch or any other one speed moped. you have to look at variated vespas and non variated vespas like they are two different mopeds.

the one speed is like a e50 puch where you're going to be fighting to keep awesome low end but can get a much higher top speed than with a variated vespa.

the variated bikes will be fast off the line and rip up to the top speed and all, but are pretty limited on top speed.

Re: fast vespa setups....

I have a Grande with a ported and case-matched 64 Malossi, Leo Vince HM, 13.13 Dellorto, cut DMP crank, Multivar with rear spring, 9.5:1 gears, 13mm intake, malossi filter...I guess that probly covers most of it. I GPSd 44.1 before the 9.5:1 gears with an otherwise identical setup, I believe I am over 50 now, though I have not GPSd it since to confirm.

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