carb sizes

What is the biggest carb you can put on a stock cyl. it is a za 50

Re: carb sizes

i would say 15 is the upper limit (at least the practical upper limit).

Re: carb sizes

hi guys i own a tomos streetmate 2005 i have the stock carp delloroto 14mm, now i want to change it out and put a delloroto PHVA 17.5MM , I HAVE A uni pod filter AND A bi turbo exhaust installed with a 62 jet, it goes about 45 , now will i get more power when i install the 17.5 carb, oh and what jet is recommended for the upgrade?

let me know thanks.........mark

Re: carb sizes

Measure the intake. Most puch cylinders are 14.5mm (or equivalent since some are rectangular), so any bigger and is just wasted.

Re: carb sizes

Mark, Have you gps that speed?

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