shortening EBRs? fucked?

OK. so i bought these EBRs from la becanerie and even though they're supposedly for mobys, they're like 4 inches longer than stock. i'm not into this at all and am wondering if anyone has had any success shortening these bad boys. i was thinking about cutting the top tubes down and rewelding the things inside in there. good idea?

uh. anyways. advice would be rad.

also, i noticed there isn't a way to mount an ebr fork brace thing. is it unnecessary on inverted forks? i remember some buzz about them being less jello-y or whatever.


Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

sell em to a magnum dude and buy some maxi length eebers.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

Le sucks!

If you can get the maxi fork legs they should fit into your tripple tree and will be closer to the right length.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

his are inverted.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

is the headset on the maxi ones long enough? i'm lookin at my buddies and it looks a lot shorter.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

yeah i've thought about that, but it'll take me a minute to buy another set of forks without selling these ones first.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

Ah yes, I see now. Try to find a clamp style tree for the top and just run with the fork tubes above the tree.

The fork brace connects to the two bolts sticking out on either leg, same bolts that would be used for a fender mount.

shortening EBRs? fucked?

Gunther McCilicutty /

what did you pay for these shipped? USD

shortening EBRs? fucked?

it was part of a larger order, so uh, your guess is as good as mine. shipping from la becanerie is fast and not too bad though.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

rad idea. where would i find a clamp style top though? do those even exist for ebr's?

also, the standard ebr fork brace doesn't mount on those. not even a little bit. they're way to wide and the bolt pattern is super far off. is there a different brace for the inverted forks? i'll probably just bend a new one and have my buddy weld it up.

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

You can shorten EBR's.

Here's a how to:

Twist off the lower legs off the forks. Do this by turning them left (counter-clockwise). There's threads on the springs, so the legs will come off that way. After that, remove the black glide-spacer-thingies.

Then you get this:

Then mark the length you want to shorten it on the inner leg. Now it's time to start cutting. Don't cut it all the way through, as you will cut through the springs. Cut around it. This takes some skills with a cutting wheel, so if you're not confident about that use a handsaw.

Now take the threaded pieces out of the spring, and shorten the springs the same length you've shortened the legs. After that, put back the threaded pieces.

Now here's the hard part: The glide-spacer-thingies need to go back in. Otherwise your fork won't be that springy any more. When you've got the glide-spacer-thingies with nodges on the inside, you're a lucky guy. The distance between the original holes is probably 19.5cm, so you just drill new holes on that distance above the old holes.

When you don't have the nodge type glider-spacer-thingies, you're f'ed :P You'll need to drill a 8mm (or so) hole all the way through the glider-spacer-thingies and a smaller 7mm (or so) hole in the forks. In the forks you'll tap threads. Cut a piece of bolt to the right size, so it can go through the glider-spacer-thingies, but doesn't stick out. Cut a groove in it, so you can turn it in with a screwdriver.

After this, grease everything with a good load of bearings grease, or some other durable grease, before assembling. Then turn the outer legs back on (clockwise).

You're done :)

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Made by: BaukZ

Re: shortening EBRs? fucked?

rad, thanks dude.

i have the inverted ones, but i'll figure it out.

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