benjis new amal 17

anyone ever use it? like it? hate it? its real cheap only 55 bucks. im thinkin about gettin it.

Re: benjis new amal 17

meh... They're OK. I had a 15mm amal on my old maxi with a 70cc airsal kit. It ran pretty good, but wasn't as tunable as a delorto and not quite as simple as a 15mm bing. They only have one jet like bings, but they're harder to find. Right now. off the top of my head, the only one who has them is moped junkyard. I know butnut uses them and loves 'em. He'd probably be better telling you about them than me.

Sorry for wasting your time... :)

Re: benjis new amal 17

ive rode a maxi with this carb on an athena reedvalve kit, and its the fastest puch ive ever ridden.

Re: benjis new amal 17

They are awesome for the 2cents.

Re: benjis new amal 17

the 17mm Amal has 2 jets, main and idle. Both removeable and changeable. Round slide with adjustable needle. Very simple carbs. Maybe a little more difficult to find jets for, but most motorcycle shops should be able to hook you up.

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