Exhaust Gasket Help

Is there anything I can put on a new exhaust gasket to get a better and longer lasting seal? I keep getting this annoying little exhaust leak between the flange and the gasket on the front side. Any kind of spray-on or out-of-the-tube stuff that isn't going to burn up right away? I'm going to raise the hole on the mounting tab on my Tecno Boss to see if its just pulling the exhaust up a little too much right now when I bolt it to the bike, but I fugured if there was something out there to get me a better seal, I'd do that at the same time.

Re: Exhaust Gasket Help

high temp RTV Silicone Gasket maker its like 5 bucks at kragens. Pull the pipe off and put a layer on the header, just make sure its closer to the outside edge then the inside so you don't block any of your airflow when you tighen the pipe back on.

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