Carburetor noob Q&A

Hey guys,

I'm still new to the whole performance side of mopeds.

I've got a couple questions that are pretty general.

1.) Is it possible to fit a Dellorto carburetor to any type of engine? What type of intake should I look for in size relating to the carburetor size?

2.) Are the cable connections usually pretty generic and easy to fit to a new carburetor?

3.) The idea would be to get a larger intake carb, right? If so - are there any other things I need to do when getting a better carb for the engine to run - or is it just a given that it WILL run no matter what carb is on it (assuming it's fitted/working properly)?

Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Carburetor noob Q&A

BootyClap Ninja /

1. yes....the size you are looking for will be dependent on other mods and what you are looking for in terms of tunability.

2. yes.

3. Larger carb and matching intake is correct. Although any changes to the gas/air mix will need rejetting (tuning) in order to work properly.

Re: Carburetor noob Q&A

Hex Inverter /

Awesome, thanks!

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